In the gaze of any and all, there lies an entirely new creation
A sense of nostalgia flows, as if standing there since time immemorial
Every visit reminds us of being a fabric of this world
Humans, birds, plants alike
Our creation
Transcends the human timescale, transcends the scale of a century
Architecture that resonates through a thousand years, both past and future
Beyond comfort and modern wealth
Architecture that is needed by this world, rooting and breathing in synchrony
Architecture Where Gods Live
Like the ethereal place with a divine presence
Tan Yamanouchi & AWGL

To be an architect than just an architect.
Returning to the quintessence of what it means to be an architect.
The etymology of “architect” reveals its roots in the ancient Greek word “arkitekton.”
“Arkitekton” refers to a skilled professional with specialized expertise overseeing a wide range of operations.
As the world becomes increasingly complex, issues become more diverse and layered.
It is in such times that the role of an architect as an “arkitekton” becomes indispensable.
(Tan Yamanouchi, Architect & Founder)

“Architecture of Ghost” is a unique architectural philosophy developed by architect Tan Yamanouchi.
It aims to “Give tangible architectural forms to all “Ghost” entities — humans, objects, flora, and fauna.”
The conceptualization and design of my architecture is guided by this philosophy.
Until starting university, I spent my early years in verdant Hokkaido, surrounded by nature.
Perhaps this childhood experience has influenced my profound appreciation for ancient philosophies derived from nature, deeply rooted in Japanese and East Asian culture.
The belief that “Deities (spirits) dwell in all earthly things — humans, objects, flora and fauna” is treasured in my approach to conceptualizing and designing architecture.
(Tan Yamanouchi, Architect & Founder)

【A Cat Tree House】
The latest architectural work by architect Tan Yamanouchi.
A house for living with two cats, built in Kamakura, Japan.
MANGA ART HOTEL, TOKYO was published as
“The new waves of hotels in the world” by AXIS,
Japan’s leading design magazine
We are honored to win “SKY DESIGN AWARDS 2019” in Hong Kong and Japan
We are honored to win “BUILD ARCHITECTURE AWARDS” in UK
A Cat Tree House

Tan Yamanouchi | CEO + Principal Architect

Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido. From an early age, he learned the practice of architectural design at the office of his father, an architect. He studied under the late architect Kazuhiro Kojima, and then completed a master’s degree at Keio University.
He joined Hakuhodo Inc. (Japan’s leading advertising creative agency) as a creative director with the aim of acquiring the ability to communicate architecture from an architect’s perspective, rather than just creating architecture. He worked in advertising creative for leading international companies.
After gaining expertise and professional skills in the advertising field, he returned to his hometown of Sapporo, Hokkaido and engaged in architectural design in the northern region. At the same time, he explored vernacular design methods and philosophy for urban architecture. In 2018, he began his career as an architect and established an architectural design office based in Tokyo.
Based on “Architecture of Ghost,” Tan Yamanouchi’s unique architectural philosophy, which is derived from the ancient Japanese idea that “Deities (spirits) dwell in all earthly things — humans, objects, flora and fauna”, he designs a wide variety of architecture. Regardless of the type of architecture, he designs residential, hotels, condominium renovations, stores, offices, churches, exhibitions, etc.
In addition, he aims to expand the professional capabilities of architects based on his unique vision of “More than an Architect,” and is creating unprecedented architectural projects in Japan that includes architectural design, branding, and advertising all at once.
He is an up-and-coming Japanese architect who has won numerous Japanese architecture awards and international architecture awards. He is the architect + founder of Tan Yamanouchi & AWGL (Japan’s first-class architectural firm and corporation).

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We make proposals based on your budget.
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Ever since I was a little child,
I’ve always loved the “Piccolo Corp Ltd” from ”Porco Rosso” (Kurenai no Buta),
a Studio Ghibli film directed by Hayao Miyazaki.
That’s why ever since I decided to have my own company,
I’ve always wanted to make a company like Piccolo Corp Ltd in Porco Rosso.
When you can sincerely focus at your own pace, working to make something
is really enjoyable and this is a job that enriches one’s life.
You can be a new graduate, changing jobs, wishing to work full-time, or part-time,
and we welcome working while raising your children. We actively accept working from home as well. Also, to offer you a work environment immediately when there is a chance,
our recruitment status is “always hiring.”
If you are interested in us, please visit and check us out at our atelier.
– Tan Yamanouchi, CEO + Principal Architect

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